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Good app

Good app

App review

I like this app because it covers all the basic preschool skills, but I wish that developers would make free versions for teachers. It is very hard to purchase all the great apps for my classrooms because of the cost. $2 for each classroom might not seem like a lot but when you have 5 classrooms and all the good apps cost money that adds up really fast.

Love it

This game is amazing


Waste of time..horrible.

Love it

Nice app

App review

It seems like a good learning app for my 2.5 yr old but you either have to buy the full version to unlock everything or write a review so I'm writing this review lol. I had to change my review to one star because after making this review, it didn't unlock anything like it said it would.


It's ok nothing to brag about


Apps would be better if they really were free. Kids complete 1 step and are stopped for money

Love this app!

This app has everything we were looking for! The kiddos love it!

Just ok

Just an ok app. Have to buy in app

Hoping it is good

You need to rate the game before you can try it. We shall see

Keeps them occupied

Helps them learn

Toddler loves it!

Toddler just loves this app he wants to continue learning letters. The aliens make the game so interesting. I highly recommend.

Most of this app isn't actually available

Most of the games in this app are actually locked. Tricksy tricksy

Not much free

Looks like a great educational game but only a few free flash cards. So rating it 3 because I was hoping it was a FREE game :-(


Clear good ui , functional and logical workflow stream.


Still trying out

Looks Fun

Because this game must first be bought in order to use all the features, I can not attest to the quality of all the games, but what I can access looks like it will be a good add on to what I am using to teach my son the alphabet.


Would be nice if everything was free in here and not limit kids on what they see.


Nice app just wish it was more free games available.



Learning can be fun

My son enjoys the app. It's fun and engaging. He has trouble w letter recognition and this app will hopefully help him.

Not really free

It would be great if it were actually free. They get you to download it & they start getting into it then they want you to pay to continue.


My three year old love the free games and was very happy and excited. Unfortunately I am unable to buy the full app so he's very sad. It would be nice if the app offered more free games before having to buy.

More options

Would definitely like more options in the free version.


Have to review to even begin


Love it

Not many games

There were not many games to play without needing to buy more for something advertised as free


Great resource for my special Ed classroom


This game is advertised as free but you hardly get any of the games advertised


Kids like it

Great for 3 year olds

This app helps with letter recognition. My toddler is hands on so this is great to associate letters with their objects.

Interesting but misleading

A little misleading as the games aren't free but are advertised as such.

I have no idea

You can't play the games for free...

Great for toddlers

My daughter loves it

Pretty good but...

My toddler has been loosing interest since the beginning and the additional content is very costly and not really worth it




It's very nice but you must PAY for some games.I bet the person who made this game has NOT got children.


The game is fun , but too many need been paid to unlocked .


My kids love this.

Daughter loves these games

Great games


Not great

Not free

If you're looking for a good free game for your kids this isn't it. The free version is lousy, and you can't do much of anything in it. Not going to bother with the full version.

It's a "sneak peek"

Slightly disappointed, but the full version (purchase) is great.

It is okay

Wish more functions were free.

Not free really

Seems great but wish more options were available on the free version. I wish it wasn't advertised as free because there isn't much you get free.

All access

Wish it was just all access all sections


Great beginner app.



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