Letter Quiz Preschool Alphabet & Letters Learning App Reviews

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Terrific app for my daughter! She is 3-years-old and this app is as if it was tailored just for her! She loves Nemo movie and because of that she is now all over apps that have fish and sea world themes. This app is a lot of fun. Great way to teach children letters and alphabet.

Letter Quiz

I have two children and they both love to play with this app. I like its pedagogical approach for teaching alphabet. For example, when singing an alphabet song, it clearly shows the letters that are being pronounced. It also has lots of practice.

Another Great App!

After loving your other app I had to get this one as well! This is another great app to help kids learn the alphabet. Super fun and I love how each letter is spoken which really helps them learn much faster. Keep up the great work and Im sure Ill be back for more apps. :-)

Another great app from 22Learn

My kids love it! The reaction of my kids convinced me to buy a full version of this app. They truly enjoy it a lot, and thats what matters the most to me. They especially enjoy the jumbled alphabet game with a cute shark. I also like that with the flashcards game, you can choose whether they feature uppercase or lowercase letters and also set them to help children practice the connection between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Good design

This app has a good design. It has several parts that help children learn alphabet, including flash cards, matching games, etc. however, it does not contain all the 26 letters.


this app is great for kids.

Good app

Useful for children education. Interesting and funny!


A really good mini game that helps kid learn. Graphics and illustrations look really good. A must have app

Nice app

This game is quite lovely and it with cute characters as well, which is really suitable for kids!

Decent app

Does what its supposed to do, doesnt have that many exercises though, you unlock more features by buying the full version. Good for children though, its really just made for them.

letters and pronunciation skills

This is a great game to entertain your child and teach them basic letters and pronunciation skills. My daughter has been playing this game since we first got the iPad and still plays it very regularly.


For kids to learn especially alphabet. Good graphics and voice. But the app needs a support of multitasking.

Great app for children

With these 7 games children can learn the alphabet in a fun and easy way. The interaction is great with nice graphics and sounds.


This should be labeled a demo... You only get letters a-f unless you want to purchase

Amazing alphabet adventure!!

Go on to the underwater alphabet adventure with this app. My niece loves the sea theme (reminds her of her favorite Nemo movie) and this therefore makes just the ideal environment for her. I love the numerous games that are included. Especially the connect the dots game is fun. Thank you so much for such an awesome app!

Lots of fun!

This is a fantastic app that my kids have a blast using. Seven different games that are all very interactive and great for learning letters and words. I have definitely seen an improvement in my kids alphabet skills since they started using this app. I recommend to all parents!

Two thumbs up

Great letters and alphabet games. My daughter really enjoys playing it and it helps her to remember the alphabetical order. She also likes to match uppercase and lowercase letters and the tracing game. It is wonderful that the children are guided step-by-step as they trace the letter because young children oftentimes experience problems with even knowing where to start.The kids will love to learn as well as have lots of fun completing activities great combo of education and engagement.

Letter Quiz School Adventure

What a great way to learn letters and alphabet! With songs, flashcards, connecting dots and many more games, kids learn really light speed fast. I have two children, 3 and 5 year old, and they both seem pretty engaged while playing. The interface is seemingly simple but packs a lot of learning into it. The app design has bright colors and underwater theme, which both my angels adore. Happy parent here :)

Great for teaching the alphabet!

I have been using this app for a day or two and so far its been great. I sit next to my son and give him my phone and for once I am happy that he is playing games. These games get him ready for next year, I love it. If you have a young one, this app is great!

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